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Palmer Customers are very unique individuals. You just can't pigeon hole them as to type, age, etc. Their only similarities are their adventuresome-ness. Each one is a doer. They are on the go all the time. From those I've talked to, life is a journey to be traveled every day.

Our Customer/Friends range in age from 7 to 99. (The 102 year old had to give up driving to the Casino.) Their work and interest vary as much their ages. Some drive their vehicle to and from work everyday. These are the ones that really put the miles on. A few actually work on their vehicle, delivering parts in a large facility or picking up cans in the community. One ferries patients to and from the doctors and/or hospital. Others go fishing, shopping or run errands for themselves and neighbors. Our vehicles take their riders to many Flea Markets.

Also one finds them in strange places.

. . . pictures are worth a thousand words and we are currently rebuilding that page for you.