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Hybrid Full Suspension Electric Scooter with Portable Generator

These First and only hybrid 1 and 2 person electric vehicle will never run out of battery. You have your hybrid generator powered charger with you. It's a 4 cycle quiet generator. You can stop at any gas station and top up the tank with just regular gas. No more worries about how far you can go on your electric scooter. Plus, you will have a Portable Gas Generator that can run your fridge, lights and/or TV when there's a power outage. It's so quiet, it will not bother your neighbors. Use it for camping and tailgating also. This is for you, the smart adventurer. Holds up to 500Lbs. Shown with optional accessories.

This electric scooter is so new, we have a limited supply at this time, and we supply on a first come first serve basis. Call to place order.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $6500.00 for single seat, $7000.00 for double seat.